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“Top Service from a Top Man” – Sami Atallah

“Barry is always extremely helpful and is very creative. He has completed several projects in our home since we purchased it 2 years ago, and all have been flawless and completed on-time.

He’s been my ‘go-to’ guy and I always call him first if we have an issue with something like when our dryer just stopped working one Friday (which Barry took care of for quarter of the price an ‘appliance’ repair man quoted and the repair man couldn’t even come until Wednesday) and Barry came the next morning after I called him only the night before.

Or even another time he saved the day last winter, and it was the water heater that broke after a bad storm last year, just a few days away of days from Christmas. And on a Sunday of all days… I called him because I didn’t know what was wrong with it and if I might be able to fix it myself. Instead of telling me what to look for, he came right over (Sunday night mind you), looked at it (looked like it was built during the Hover administration), and than he replaced it, 7am that Monday morning so we didn’t have to go too long with out hot water… His idea because it was already freezing, plus he had a full day so he decided to make us his first and extra early house call 🙂… I’ll never forget that.

I recommend Barry and his services to anyone who needs something done around the house but, you don’t know quite either how to fix it or who to even who to call to fix it, change it, replace it etc.,

Just call Barry and consider it handled! Promise!”

. — Rick Vadas